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    Range Slider (with pips)

    svelte-range-slider-pips @ npm

    A reactive, accessible, multi-thumb, range slider with the ability to display "pips" or "notches" along the range. Importable as a svelte-component, or used directly in any javascript application.

    Svelte Range Slider -- focussed, including some pips

    📔📘📖 Full Documentation & Examples


    Features of the range slider plugin (written below)

    • fully customisable, stylable & accessible
    • 👍🏽 multi-thumb
    • 🎚 range (min/max)
    • 🏷 floating labels
    • 📏 ruler notches
    • 🏷 labels for notches
    • 🧮 step function
    • 🖍 formatter
    • 🎭 animated


    Open your project and use the command line to install the package;

    yarn add svelte-range-slider-pips --dev          # or
    npm install svelte-range-slider-pips --save-dev  # if you prefer npm


    as a regular JS file

    If you're not building a svelte-app, you can use the /dist/ version of the script /dist/svelte-range-slider-pips.js and include it either with a regular <script> tag. This should even work with jQuery.

    <script src="./js/vendor/svelte-range-slider-pips.js" />
    <div id="my-slider"></div>
      var mySlider = new RangeSliderPips({
        target: document.getElementById("my-slider"),
        props: { /* props as js object */ }

    in a svelte project

    Assuming you have a Svelte app up and running;

      import RangeSlider from "svelte-range-slider-pips";
    <RangeSlider />

    as a JS module

    If you're building a bleeding-edge JS application (not svelte), you might want to use js imports (import)

    import RangeSlider from "./node_modules/svelte-range-slider-pips/dist/svelte-range-slider-pips.mjs";
    var mySlider = new RangeSlider({
      target: node, // js reference to a DOM element
      props: { /* props as js object */ }

    props (options)

    slider props

    prop type default description
    values Array [50] Array of values to apply on the slider. Multiple values creates multiple handles. (note: A slider with range property set can only have two values max)
    min Number 0 Minimum value for the slider
    max Number 100 Maximum value for the slider
    step Number 1 Every nth value to allow handle to stop at
    range Boolean/String false Whether to style as a range picker. Use range='min' or range='max' for min/max variants
    pushy Boolean false If range is true, then this boolean decides if one handle will push the other along
    float Boolean false Set true to add a floating label above focussed handles
    vertical Boolean false Make the slider render vertically
    pips Boolean false Whether to show pips/notches on the slider
    pipstep Number 1/10/20 Every nth step to show a pip for. This has multiple defaults depending on values property
    first Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for the first value on slider. Use first='label' to show a label value
    last Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for the last value on slider. Use last='label' to show a label value
    rest Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for the all other values. Use rest='label' to show a label value
    prefix String "" A string to prefix to all displayed values
    suffix String "" A string to suffix to all displayed values
    disabled Boolean false Determine if the slider is disabled, or enabled (only disables interactions, and events)
    formatter Function (v) => v A function to re-format values before they are displayed
    handleFormatter Function formatter A function to re-format values on the handle/float before they are displayed. Defaults to the same function given to the formatter property
    springValues Object { stiffness: 0.15, damping: 0.4 } Svelte spring physics object to change the behaviour of the handle when moving

    slider events (dispatched)

    event example event.detail description
    start on:start={(e) => { ... }} { activeHandle: Integer, value: Float, values: Array } Event fired when the user begins interaction with the slider
    change on:change={(e) => { ... }} { activeHandle: Integer, startValue: Float, previousValue: Float, value: Float, values: Array } Event fired when the user changes the value; returns the previous value, also
    stop on:stop={(e) => { ... }} { activeHandle: Integer, startValue: Float, value: Float, values: Array } Event fired when the user stops interacting with slider; returns the beginning value, also

    📔📘📖 Full Documentation & Examples


    I am very happy to accept;

    • 🌟 suggestions/requests for new features or changes
    • 🛠 pull-requests for bug fixes, or issue resolution
    • 🧪 help with creating a proper test-suite

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