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Svelte Range Slider (with pips)

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A reactive, accessible, multi-thumb, range slider with the ability to display "pips" or "notches" along the range.
Importable as a svelte-component, or able to be used directly in any javascript application / framework.

Svelte Range Slider; focussed with pips and labels prop set

📔🔍 Docs Full Documentation & Examples
📝⚙ REPL Svelte component demo
❤✒ Codepen Plain JS component demo


Features of the range slider plugin (written below)

  • ✨ fully customisable, stylable & accessible
  • 👍🏽 multi-thumb
  • 🎚 range (min/max)
  • 🏷 floating labels
  • 📏 ruler notches
  • 🏷 labels for notches
  • 🧮 step function
  • 🖍 formatter
  • 🎭 animated


Open your project and use the command line to install the package;

yarn add svelte-range-slider-pips --dev          # or
npm install svelte-range-slider-pips --save-dev  # if you prefer npm


In a svelte project

Assuming you have a Svelte app up and running;

  import RangeSlider from "svelte-range-slider-pips";

<RangeSlider values={[50]} pips />

As a regular JS file

If you're not building a svelte-app, you can use the /dist/ version of the script /dist/svelte-range-slider-pips.js and include it with a regular <script> tag. This should even work with jQuery.

<script src="./js/vendor/svelte-range-slider-pips.js" />

<div id="my-slider"></div>

  var mySlider = new RangeSliderPips({
    target: document.querySelector("#my-slider"),
    props: { values: [50], pips: true }

As a JS module

If you're building a bleeding-edge JS application (maybe Vue or React), you might want to use js imports (import)

import RangeSlider from "./node_modules/svelte-range-slider-pips/dist/svelte-range-slider-pips.mjs";

var mySlider = new RangeSlider({
  target: node, // js reference to a DOM element
  props: { values: [50], pips: true }

Props (options)

Slider props

prop type default description
values Array [50] Array of values to apply on the slider. Multiple values creates multiple handles. (note: A slider with range property set can only have two values max)
min Number 0 Minimum value for the slider (should be < max)
max Number 100 Maximum value for the slider (should be > min)
step Number 1 Every nth value to allow handle to stop at (should be a positive value)
range Boolean/String false Whether to style as a range picker. Use range='min' or range='max' for min/max variants
pushy Boolean false If range is true, then this boolean decides if one handle will push the other along
float Boolean false Set true to add a floating label above focussed handles
vertical Boolean false Make the slider render vertically (lower value on bottom)
pips Boolean false Whether to show pips/notches on the slider
pipstep Number 1/10/20 Every nth step to show a pip for. This has multiple defaults depending on values property
first Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for the first value on slider. Use first='label' to show a label value
last Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for the last value on slider. Use last='label' to show a label value
rest Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for all other values. Use rest='label' to show a label value
all Boolean/String false Whether to show a pip or label for all values. Same as combining first, last and rest. Use all='label' to show a label value
prefix String "" A string to prefix to all displayed values
suffix String "" A string to suffix to all displayed values
reversed Boolean false Reverse the orientation of min/max
hoverable Boolean true Whether hover styles are enabled for both handles and pips/values
disabled Boolean false Determine if the slider is disabled, or enabled (only disables interactions, and events)
id String "" Give the slider a unique ID for use in styling
ariaLabels Array [] Array of strings to use for the aria-label attribute on the handles.
formatter Function (v,i,p) => v A function to re-format values before they are displayed (v = value, i = pip index, p = percent)
handleFormatter Function formatter A function to re-format values on the handle/float before they are displayed. Defaults to the same function given to the formatter property (v = value, i = handle index, p = percent)
springValues Object { stiffness: 0.15, damping: 0.4 } Svelte spring physics object to change the behaviour of the handle when moving
slider Element undefined DOM reference for binding to the main <div /> of the component (bind:slider='ref')

📔🔍 | Documentation for Options

Slider events (dispatched)

event example event.detail description
start on:start={(e) => { ... }} { activeHandle: Integer, value: Float, values: Array } Event fired when the user begins interaction with the slider
change on:change={(e) => { ... }} { activeHandle: Integer, startValue: Float, previousValue: Float, value: Float, values: Array } Event fired when the user changes the value; returns the previous value, also
stop on:stop={(e) => { ... }} { activeHandle: Integer, startValue: Float, value: Float, values: Array } Event fired when the user stops interacting with slider; returns the beginning value, also

📔🔍 | Documentation for Events


Styling should mostly be done with CSS.
There's a bunch of css variables for controlling the colors of the elements. And the slider is fluid horizontally, with the size of things controlled by font-size. So you may change the font-size on the .rangeSlider base element to change the scale of everything.

If you require more fine control of the widths, heights, etc, then you may override the default css. This can be easier by using the id prop to give your slider a unique id.

Values of labels can be styled with CSS, and the format can be modified with the formatter() function prop. And animation of the handles is controlled by the springValues object prop.

📔🔍 | Documentation for Styling


I am very happy to accept;

  • 🌟 suggestions/requests for new features or changes
  • 🛠 pull-requests for bug fixes, or issue resolution
  • 🧪 help with creating a proper test-suite

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Support / Donate

I'd be super excited if you find this project useful and wish to donate a small amount for my efforts!

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