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    Svelt Imgix

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    Svelte action for responsive, lazily-loaded images with Imgix


    • Lazy loading with automatic LQIP placeholders
    • Generate responsive image srcsets automatically

    Basic Usage

    npm i svelte-imgix
      import imgix from 'svelte-imgix';
    <img use:imgix="some-imgix-img.jpeg" />

    Helper functions

    Svelte Imgix exports 2 additional helper functions that you can use to create LQIP placeholders and responsive srcsets yourself, placeholder(src) and srcset(src;

      import { placeholder, srcset } from 'svelte-imgix';
      import { invew } from 'svelte-inview';
      let intersected = false;
    <img src={intersected ? srcset(imgixImg) : placeholder(imgixImg)} use:invew on:enter={() => intersected = true} />

    SSR Support

    Until Svelte supports actions running in SSR, you might notice images don't have a src at all until svelte-imgix has hydrated. As a workaround, use the placeholder helper function to SSR an LQIP placeholder image manually. Svelte-imgix will then hydrate from there, with the same placeholder image, and load your full srcset once the image enters the viewport.

    <img use:imgix={src} src={placeholder(src)} />

    Adding Sizes

    Svelte-Imgix automatically generates a responsive srcset for a huge range of viewport sizes. By adding a sizes attribute to your image you can instruct the browser to use the appropriate source based on media queries.

    See the MDN article on responsive images for a thorough walkthrough.


    npm i svelte-imgix

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