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Build badge with all versions found (using versions Write with Bootstrap & Angular. And of course node


Install through NPM

npm install supergiovane


git clone git://


var supergiovane = require('supergiovane');



  • env - String Selected environment (development, production, test) (default "production")
  • host - String Which host accept connection from web (default "")
  • port - Integer Which port accept connection from web (default "3000")
  • referer - String Which referer send data (default "")
  • dir - String Absolute path of web files directory (default "/public")
  • logger - Object | false Configuration for logger-request or disable (default "standard")
  • timeout - Object | false Configuration for timeout-request or disable (default "standard")
  • sitemap - Object | false Configuration for express-sitemap or disable (default "standard")
  • vhost - Object | false Configuration for top-vhost or disable (default "disabled")
  • signature - Object | false Configuration for server-signature or disable (default "disabled")
  • cache - Number | false Flag for store last "Number" results in cache (default "6")
  • flush - Number Flush cache (if enabled) after milliseconds (default "86400000")
  • fork - Number Number of forks (see cluster module), for single thread use "development" env (default "cpus")
  • max - Number | String Restart max number of crashed forks (use String for unlimited restart) (default "no restart")
  • debug - String | false Write debug information to file or disable (default "debug.log")
  • task - Number | String | false Related to task-manager (default "false")
  • mamma - Number | String | false Related to mamma createClient (default "false")


Take a look at my examples

License GPLv3