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What is subsync?

subsync is a command line tool to syncronize srt subtitles.

You can use it to fix subtitles with both constant and variable time shift.

The main philosophy behind subsync is to give it instructions for specific movie positions. You give it multiple movie positions in the format hh:mm:ss and the number of seconds that the subtitles should be shifted at that position.

Between the given positions, subsync will use linear interpolation. For example, if you tell it that it should delay the subs by 5 seconds at 30 minutes and by 15 seconds at 1 hour, it will delay them by 10 seconds at 45 minutes, The increase of the delay will be gradual between those two points.


Requires node.js with npm


[sudo] npm install -g subsync 

The command line is

subsync <spec> [spec, ...] < >

Where spec is position+shift or position-shift

  • position can be hh:mm:ss or @
  • shift is a number in seconds.

Subsync will shift the subtitles at the specified position by the specified amount in seconds.


Constantly shift the whole subtitle file by 5 seconds

subsync @+5 < >

Start shifting by 1s at the beginning, and end with +20 seconds at the end:

subsync @+1 @+20 < >

Start shifting by 0s at the beginning, gradually decrease to -4s at 1 hour and hold it there to the end

subsync @+0 1:00:00-4 < >