Pipe an Array through Node.js streams


Pipe an Array through Node.js streams. This is rather useful for testing other streams.

var streamify = require('stream-array'),
    os = require('os');
streamify(['1', '2', '3', os.EOL]).pipe(process.stdout);

The result of require is a 'function' that when invoked, will return a Readable Stream.

var streamify = require('stream-array');

The Array passed into stream-array() can contain any type, as it assumes the receiving stream can handle it. Each element will be dequeued and pushed into the following piped stream.

var readable = streamify(['Hello', new Buffer('World')]);

This Stream will emit each element of the source array as chunks.

readable(['1', '2', '3', os.EOL]).pipe(process.stdout);
npm install stream-array

MIT License