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Pipe an Array through Node.js streams


Pipe an Array through Node.js Streams. This is rather useful for testing other streams.

var streamify = require('stream-array'),
    os = require('os');
streamify(['1', '2', '3', os.EOL]).pipe(process.stdout);

The result of require is a 'function()' that when invoked, will return a Readable Stream.

var streamify = require('stream-array');

The source array can contain any type as it is assumed that the receiving stream can handle it. Each element in the array will be pushed into the piped stream, without modifying the source array.

var readable = streamify(['Hello', new Buffer('World')]);

This Stream will push each element of the source array into the piped array.

readable(['1', '2', '3', os.EOL]).pipe(process.stdout);
npm install stream-array

MIT License