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Strapi "Do Not Delete"

A plugin for Strapi CMS that protects certain entries from being deleted.

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Get Started

✨ Features

  • Protect certain entries from being deleted.
  • Use various comparators to match against protection rules.

💎 Installation

yarn add strapi-plugin-do-not-delete@latest

Don't forget to restart or rebuild your Strapi app when installing a new plugin.

🔧 Configuration

property type (default) description
contentTypes object (null) A config object that describes protection rules for content types.


A config object that describes protection rules for content types using the model UID and an array of comparators.

The object keys for contentTypes should be a valid model UID and the value should be an array or arrays which describe the comparison rules.


Below, the comparison rule is querying if the slug value for Page is equal to home, and if this condition is true, the delete operation is cancelled.

// ./config/plugins.js`
'use strict';

module.exports = {
  'do-not-delete': {
    config: {
      contentTypes: {
        '': [
          ['slug', 'is', 'home'],


The items in each comparison array must follow the format:

['attribute', 'comparator', 'value or pattern']
Comparator Description
is Strict equality with ===
isNot Strict inequality with !==
in Does the value array include attribute?
notIn Does the value array not include attribute?
has Does the attribute contain value?
hasNot Does the attribute not contain value?
lt Is attribute less than value?
lte Is attribute less than or equal to value?
gt Is attribute greater than value?
gte Is attribute greater than or equal to value?
between Does attribute fall between the pair of values?
after Does attribute occur after the value date?
before Does attribute occur before the value date?
day Does attribute occur on the same day of the value date?
month Does attribute occur in the same month of the value date?
year Does attribute occur in the same year of the value date?
matches RegExp test against pattern (do not include outer slashes)
// ./config/plugins.js`
'use strict';

module.exports = {
  'do-not-delete': {
    config: {
      contentTypes: {
        '': [
          // Equality.
          ['slug', 'is', 'home'],
          ['slug', 'isNot', 'test'],

          // Contains.
          ['slug', 'in', ['home', 'blog', '404']],
          ['slug', 'notIn', ['test', 'temp']],
          ['slug', 'has', 'admin'],
          ['slug', 'hasNot', '-test'],

          // Regular expression.
          ['slug', 'matches', '^foobar'], // same as "starts with"
          ['slug', 'matches', 'foobar$'], // same as "ends with"

          // Greater than or equal to.
          ['rating', 'lt', 10],
          ['rating', 'lte', 9],
          ['rating', 'gt', 4],
          ['rating', 'gte', 5],
          ['rating', 'between', [3, 6]],

          // Dates (any valid date string format can be used).
          ['publishedAt', 'after', '2022-12-31'],
          ['publishedAt', 'before', '2020-01-01T00:00:00.000Z'],
          ['publishedAt', 'day', 'Wed, 01 Jan 2020 00:00:00 GMT'],
          ['publishedAt', 'month', 'January 2020'],
          ['publishedAt', 'year', '2023'],

📘 User Guide

Attempting to delete a protected entry

When attempting to delete a protected entry, a validation error will display at the top of the screen that reads:

This protected entry cannot be deleted.

Deleting an entry that is currently protected

If you find yourself in a scenario where a protected entry actually does need to be deleted, you must first update the plugin config to remove the protection rule that applies to that entry.

💩 Troubleshooting

In general

Remember to rebuild your app after making changes to some config or other code.

yarn build
# OR
yarn develop

❤️ Support or Donate

If you are enjoying this plugin and feel extra appreciative, you can buy me a beer or 3 🍺🍺🍺.

🚧 Roadmap

  • Settings page to visually manage protected entries and their applicable rules.
  • Edit view sidebar button to "lock" an entity based on it's id.
  • RBAC features.
  • Custom validation error messages.

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