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Strapi is an Open-Source NodeJS Headless CMS with a fully customizable API that lets you develop practical, production-ready Node.js APIs in hours instead of weeks.

🎯 Strapi-V4 Headless-CMS Template for creating Blog CMS Backend, such as Education, Agency, Beauty, Medical, News, Personal, and Science 🎁💲.



Step 1: [Backend] Install Strapi Backend

echo "Strapi V4 template:"
yarn create strapi-app backend --quickstart --template strapi-blog

echo "Strapi V3 OLD-version !!!"
# yarn create strapi-app backend --quickstart --template
  • When the installation is complete, Strapi's administration panel will open in your browser, and you can register a user and get started creating content.

Step 2. [Backend] Powerful CMS-Backend REST & GraphQL APIs

cd backend

yarn install
yarn develop

Step 3: [Frontend] Installing Gatsby plugins & Enter Access Credentials

  • After installing Strapi, you need to install the Gatsby plugin.

    cd ../frontend
    # yarn add gatsby-source-strapi

Auto-generated Access Credentials

  • If you are working on local development, create a .env file and paste your Strapi credentials in it.

  • ☑️ To deploy your application in production, you need to add the environment variables to your deployment platform provider.

    echo "Move backend/frontend.env.development to frontend/.env"
    mv ../backend/frontend.env.development .env
    # cat frontend/.env



Step 4: Register Strapi CMS plugin



module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-source-strapi',
      options: {
        apiURL: process.env.STRAPI_API_URL || 'http://localhost:1337',
        accessToken: process.env.STRAPI_TOKEN,
        collectionTypes: ['article', 'category', 'author'],
        queryLimit: 1000
      /** ATTENTION: Match the theme name with the theme you're using */
      resolve: '@oceansoft/gatsby-blog-education',
      options: {
        sources: {
          strapi: true,
          local: false

Step 5. Gatsby

  • Every time you modify gatsby-config.js file, you need to clean the cache:

    yarn clean

  • That’s it! You can now start gatsby dev server to see your content from Strapi.

    yarn develop

Step 5 (Optional): Automate Re-building

If you’re planning to deploy your site to AWS, Netlify or Vercel, you can automate deployments by configuring webhooks to trigger a site rebuild when content is modified in your Strapi panel.

🎁 Installation Service 💲

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