Range object. Will supports proper exclusive and infinite ranges in the future!


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stRange.js is a range object for JavaScript. It doesn't currently do anything beyond allowing you to construct it with a beginning and an end, but it will eventually support both exclusive and inclusive ranges and infinite ranges.

Note: stRange.js will follow the semantic versioning starting from v1.0.0.

npm install strange

stRange.js doesn't yet have a build ready for the browser, but you might be able to use [Browserify][browserify] to have it run there till then.

Create a Range object by passing in a beginning and end:

var Range = require("strange")
var range = new Range(1, 5)

Check if something is a range and use it:

var Range = require("strange")
if (range instanceof Range) console.log(range.begin, range.end)

stRange.js is released under a Lesser GNU Affero General Public License, which in summary means:

  • You can use this program for no cost.
  • You can use this program for both personal and commercial reasons.
  • You do not have to share your own program's code which uses this program.
  • You have to share modifications (e.g bug-fixes) you've made to this program.

For more convoluted language, see the LICENSE file.

Andri Möll typed this and the code.
Monday Calendar supported the engineering work.

If you find stRange.js needs improving, please don't hesitate to type to me now at or create an issue online.