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    Welcome to StimulusReflex 👋

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    🎉 An exciting new way to build modern, reactive, real-time apps with Ruby on Rails.

    StimulusReflex eliminates the complexity imposed by full-stack frontend frameworks. And, it's fast.

    It works seamlessly with the Rails tooling you already know and love.

    Our goal is to help small teams do big things with familiar tools.

    This project strives to live up to the vision outlined in The Rails Doctrine.

    📚 Docs


    👩‍👩‍👧 Discord Community

    Please join over 1300 of us on Discord for support getting started, as well as active discussions around Rails, StimulusJS and CableReady.

    Stop by #newcomers and introduce yourselves!

    💙 Support

    Your best bet is to ask for help on Discord before filing an issue on Github. We are happy to help, and we ask people who need help to come with all relevant code to look at. A git repo is preferred, but Gists are fine, too. If you need an MVCE template, try this.

    Please note that we are not actively providing support on Stack Overflow. If you post there, we likely won't see it.

    🚀 Installation and upgrading

    CLI and manual setup procedures are fully detailed in the official docs. For information on upgrading existing projects to v3.4, read this.

    🙏 Contributing

    Code of Conduct

    Everyone interacting with the StimulusReflex project’s codebases, issue trackers, chat rooms and forum is expected to follow the Code of Conduct.

    Coding Standards

    This project uses Standard for Ruby code and Prettier-Standard for JavaScript code to minimize bike shedding related to source formatting.

    Please run ./bin/standardize prior to submitting pull requests.

    View the wiki to see recommendations for configuring your editor to work best with the project.

    📦 Releasing

    1. Bump version number at lib/stimulus_reflex/version.rb
    2. Run rake build
    3. Run rake release
    4. Run yarn publish --no-git-tag-version
    5. Commit and push changes to the package.json file

    📝 License

    StimulusReflex is released under the MIT License.

    Originally inspired by Phoenix LiveView. 🙌


    npm i stimulus_reflex

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