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The framework-agnostic subset of sails-stdlib. Hand-picked and maintained by the Sails.js core team.


Framework-agnostic subset of sails-stdlib.

This package contains a lighter-weight, framework-agnostic subset of sails-stdlib (a library of hand-picked modules recommended by the Sails core team).

npm install stdlib --save
var stdlib = require('stdlib');
var EmailAddresses = stdlib('gravatar'); // << just like doing `require('machinepack-emailaddresses');` 
var Gravatar = stdlib('gravatar'); // << just like doing `require('machinepack-gravatar');` 
var Mailgun = stdlib('mailgun'); // << just like doing `require('machinepack-mailgun');` 

See sails-stdlib#Documentation.

The following machinepacks are not included in stdlib:

  • machinepack-sails
  • machinepack-sockets
  • machinepack-waterline
  • machinepack-reqres
  • machinepack-sessionauth

To use any of the additional packs above, install sails-stdlib._

See sails-stdlib#FAQ.