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Embed your Stackoverflow account summary into your website using these beautiful cards. screenshot # Usage Insert the following tag in your document where you wish to include the card. This card occupies available parent container's width, so give some meaningful width to the parent element.

<div id="so-card-widget" data-userid="1482899" data-theme="default"></div>
  • data-userid must be your stackoverflow user id(you can find that in your stackoverflow profile url).
  • data-theme is the name of the theme you wish to use (default or minimal or custom). If no theme is specified the default theme default is used.

In addition to that you need to include the following script tag & voila !

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Look and feel Customization

The card supports two themes out of the box


Default Theme


This removes profile picture from the card



When you specify this as an option. The stylesheet related to this card is not downloaded. You have to specify your own styles based on the class names(Find out using chrome element inspector)


These cards are not inserted using iframe, so change the look and feel as you like using your website's css. You can find the css here. Feel free to override them classes !