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    A high-resolution local database that uses precise algorithms to easily record data in local files within a project with persistent JSON and YML support designed to be easy to set up and use

    • Beginner friendly
    • Easy to use
    • Key-Value like interface
    • Database files inside and outside the project
    • Supports Style Array or Objects storage (edited)
    • Supports JSON and YML storage
    • Support encryption with password
    • Quick to respond, read and write
    • Support Events


    Install with npm / yarn / pnpm:

    npm install st.db
    yarn add st.db
    pnpm add st.db


    // Using Node.js `require()`
    const { Database } = require('st.db');
    // TypeScript/ES Module support
    import { Database } from 'st.db';



    Example of constructor

    • new Database(path: string, options? : DatabaseOptions)
    // JSON Database
    const json_db = new Database("database.json") //Set by default ".json"
    // YAML Database
    const yaml_db = new Database("database.yaml") // or ".yml"
    //Database in files from outside the work project
    const db_outside_project = new Database("C:/Users/pc/Desktop/database.yml",{
    	 pathOutsideTheProject:true//If you activate the "pathOutsideTheProject" option, you will be able to type any path from your computer in the "path".
    // Options
    const db_with_options = new Database("database.json",{
    	storageStyle: Database.Style.Array,// default = Database.Style.Object
    	encryption:{password:"ea6d4h4j"}//If you want to encrypt data with a password

    Example of methods

    • Note: Inside all the methods that accept or accept key or value are both, you can put them as Partmeter 1 = key and Parmeter 2 = value or as Partmeter 1 object {key,value}
    db.on("ready", () => console.log("Database Ready!"));
    db.on("addElement", (elementInData,value) => console.log(`New "${elementInData.ID}" elementb Value: ${value}`))
    db.on("editElement", (elementInData,new_value,old_value) => {
    	console.log(`Edit "${elementInData.ID}" element New Value: ${new_value} and Old value: ${old_value}`)
    //Set element in database
    db.set({key:"settings",value:{theme:"dark",fontSize:10}})  return Promise<ElementInData>
    //Checking an item from the database if it exists or not
    console.log(db.has({key:"settings"})) //or console.log(db.has("settings"))
    //To get the value type of a given key element
    console.log(db.type({key:"settings"})) //or console.log(db.type("settings"))
    //Delete element from database
    db.delete({key:"settings"}) //or db.delete("settings")
    // Returns everything from the database
    console.log(db.all()) //Returns all elements in Database
    console.log(db.valuesAll())//Return all values from the database
    console.log(db.keysAll())//Return all keys from the database
    // Fetches everything and sorts by given target
    db.includes({key:"tti"});// It fetches the values ​​containing this value
    db.startsWith({key:"setti"});// It fetches values ​​starting with this value
    db.endsWith({key:"ings"});// It fetches values ​​ending with this value
    // Array Methods
    db.push("skills",["html","javascript"]) // To push an element to an array into data
    db.unshift("skills","typescript") // To unshift an element to an array into data
    db.shift("skills") // Removes the first element of the array
    db.pop("skills") // Removes the last element of the array
    // Math Methods
    })//or db.math("coins", "+", "100", false)
    db.subtract({key:"coins", value:50})// To subtract from value
    db.add({key:"coins", value:50})// To add from value
    db.multiply({key:"coins", value:2})// To multiply from value
    db.double({key:"coins"})//To double from value
    // Methods for controlling the database, reloading and deleting items
    db.destroy()//Destroy the database
    db.deleteAll()//Delete all data
    db.clear()//Clear all data
    db.reload()//Reload the database
    console.log(db.uptime())//Returns database connection uptime 
    console.log(db.fileSize())//To get the file size


    If you don't understand something in the documentation, you are experiencing problems, or you just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, please don't hesitate to join our official Discord Server .

    Did you find it difficult to use?

    You can see the Documentation of the st.db package to know all the details


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