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    SSL Expiry Reminder 🔔

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    SSL Expiry Reminder and SSL Status Checker - Get SSL Expiry Notification reminder on Telegram and Gotify.


    SSL Expiry Reminder Gotify


    SSL Expiry Reminder Telegram

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    🔧 Installation

    • Clone this Repo via Git
    git clone
    cd ssl-expiry-reminder
    npm install
    • Used as CLI
    npm link


    • Install via npm
    npm install -g ssl-expiry-reminder
    $ checkssl -h
    Usage: check [options]
      -V, --version                                      output the version number
      -d, --domain <domain name>                         Add domain without http/https (This Command line Argument for Automation Task)
      -s, --status <domain name>                         Add domain without http/https
      -g, --gotify <GOTIFY API URL>                      Gotify URL with Application Key
      -t, --telegram <Telegram API URL>                  Telegram API URL with your Bot Key
      -c, --chatid <Telegram Chat or Channel ID>         Telegram Channel ID or Chat ID
      -r, --remainder <Enter the Day Remaining 1 to 10>  Enter the Remaining Day to Get SSL Expiry Remainder Alert
      -h, --help                                         output usage information
    • Next Store your Telegram & Gotify API by using this Below Command lines
    $ Register Gotify API with URL
    checkssl --gotify
    $ Register Telegram API URL and Botkey
    checkssl --telegram<YOUR BOT API KEY>/sendMessage
    $ Register Telegram your Chat id or Channel id
    checkssl --chatid 123456789
    • Testing - Execute the Script
    checkssl --status
    • Test via npx
    npx ssl-expiry-reminder -h

    🕹 Usage

    For Automation it having Seperate Command Line Argumet it will Send the Push Notification Alert via Telegram & Gotify

    checkssl -d
    • Install the Bash Script for Automated Task
    • Download the bash script on Any Location in your Server
    • Just Run the Bash file
    chmod +x

    🛠 Customization

    • Change SSL Remaining Day (Default Remaining day is 5)
    • Add your Own 👇 Example
    checkssl --remainder 2

    📦 API Storage

    Linux - ~/.config in Home
    Windows - AppData Folder c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\ssl-expiry-reminder-nodejs
    macOS - ~/Library/Application Support

    🖥 Supported OS

    • I am using Linux also I am using Linux Cloud VPS Server (Ubuntu) I am testing it on both LTS Version on Ubuntu it's Working Well

    • Locally you can use this on your Desktop/laptop with Linux Distro/Windows/macOS

    • I Locally tested it on tested on Windows 10 it's Working well but Some users facing an issues like checkssl is not recongized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file if you are facing this issue on your Windows System Just uninstall & reinstall the Node.js LTS version & try again

    📖 Library

    SSL Checker NPM Module -

    🏗 Contributions

    Your PR's are Always welcome 🦄

    🐛 Bug Report

    If you find any issues create an issue Ticket Here




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