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Spud-Slices v1.3.5

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The library that lets you make shapes.

This library is a component of Lazerbeak12345's larger, Spud Game Engine (SGE). It is designed to be a base for libraries such as physics engines. Primarally, it works with 2d applications only, but it should, in the future be able to work in 3d.

Here's some of the coolest features:

  • The ability to make almost any 2d shape.
  • The ability to test the collision of any shape with any other shape. (Using line-intercept collision only, for now)

Using the library

Download and mark as a dependancy with npm i spud-slices -D.

Import the library with one of the following:

  • Include everything: include ss from 'spud-slices';
  • Include just parts you are using: include {Polygon, Circle, version} from 'spud-slices';

Should you need support for more than just recent browsers, you could use the es3 file instead: import ss from 'spud-slices/dist/es3/lib/spudslices';


Run npm install then npm run build. This will make the html5 documentation, using the source code. Elsewise, just use the source code.

If you are viewing this in the HTML5 documentation, click "spudslices" on the left, then spudslices in the center to get started. Here's the link if you would rather just use this.

Unit testing

Run npm test for basic testing. It will build, then run the program in node, as it is written in TypeScript. I don't yet know how to make the tests run in a browser env, but I'm looking into it.

(May) pair well with

If you need something more.

  • Wilderness A library made for the purpose of having fancy animation stuff, all with SVG. I highly reccomend this over using canvases for everything, as it is more native.
  • subdivide-arc This may be useful if you want a round part attached to the rest of a polygon.
  • Shapes-Interaction-Library Just in case I'm not good enough at collision algorithims for your taste. With the exeption of circles, there is a direct mapping from Shape.points to the arguments of their intersection or their contain. For circles, swap the first and second elms of the Circle.points array, then it's a perfect fit. Note that it doesn't give info about the location, or angle of collision.


If this is close, but not quite what you need.

  • Really big, but can do everything this can do and more.
  • Shapes-Interaction-Library Just collisions, nothing more. (Doesn't give lines as output when there is a collision, so this may not be what you want)
  • Paper.js It's like Spud-Slices, but it focues more on rendering.


This is licenced under the GNU GPL-3.0.

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