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This is a TypeScript port of (relevant features) of the WebAssembly Binary Toolkit to be used in Source Academy's WebAssembly module.

The project is uploaded to source-academy-wabt on npm. To use it, you can do one of the following commands

npm install source-academy-wabt
yarn add source-academy-wabt

Currently, this project has a partial port of a WebAssembly Text compiler (wat2wasm).

To write WebAssembly Text, see

Info for Developers

The following set of instructions will tell you how to set up a local copy of this repository on your local machine for building and development.

You will need to have a stable version of NodeJS on your local development machine. We recommend using the latest LTS version. You can use nvm (macOS/Linux) or nvm-windows to switch Node versions between different projects.

You will also need to have a package manager for your project. We recommend using a stable version of Yarn as the repository pipelines are using the Yarn package manager as well. To install the Yarn package manager through NPM, you can run the following command.

npm install -g yarn

Clone the repository on your local development machine and navigate to it using your favourite command line or shell tool.

git clone
cd wabt


This project follows Test-Driven Development, where tests are written first before their corresponding features. Given the myriad of bugs in implementing any compiler, it is heavily recommended to follow this when contributing. Refer to here for the test documentation.

Building the Project

On top of the dependencies in package.json, you will need the C Preprocessor to build this project. I'm not sure if you can just download the preprocessor by itself, so I reccommend you to just download the GNU GCC while you're at it. Go here or here (Windows)

To build the project, do yarn bundle. This will bundle the project for releasy by running: (1) the C Preprocessor on relevant files, (2) esbuild to bundle the TypeScript files and (3) tsc to emit .d.ts files.

Note on Preprocessor

This project uses the C Preprocessor to preprocess certain TypeScript files.

Running the Preprocessor

To run the preprocessor, do yarn run preprocess or yarn run cpp.

Macro Directives

Since macro directives such as #include "something" are not valid TypeScript/JavaScript, they prefixed with a triple-forward slash ///#include "something". Triple slashes will be stripped from the source files before preprocessing, so take note not to use them as comments.

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