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Simple Object Query Interface for JSON Array


Simple Object Query Interface for JSON Array


It's not going to be anther JSON Database. SOQ is made to find pure JSON Objects in a more elegant and unobstructive way. It may be extended to act as middle layer between client and server DB.

Query Language

We accept a simple string a query conditions. And at least you shuold tell the query object which type of objects you want to find.

var query ={
	type: "vehicle",
	conditions: "name = 'Ford'"

In fact, the query interface have learned a bunch of condition types:

  • =
  • >=
  • >
  • <=
  • <
  • !=

And these condition operators are straightfoward.

It also should be noted that the value of a condition can be:

  • Numbers: 1,2,3,0.5,1.4…
  • Strings: "Hello", "Nice",…
  • Reserved Words: true, false, null, undefined

What's more you can pass mutiple conditions:

conditions: "name = 'Ford' and age > 3 or price < 1000"

Maybe you are wondering the priority of condtions. Yes, we don't support group conditions with parenthesises currently, which I have added into my TODO list. Anyway, I simply treat the former condition as the one with higher priority for now.


In most of time, you don't deal with Query class directly. A Store Class is provided as gateway to access your data;

A simple use case:

var store = new Store();
	"name": "Ford",
	"type": "vehicle"
	"name": "BMW",
	"type": "vehicle"
	"name": "Bike",
	"type": "other"

And then, we find what we want in this store:

var r = store.find({
  type: "vehicle",
  conditions: "name BEGINS_WITH 'B'"
//result is always in form of an array
//r[0].name == "BMW"

Also a getting-all-of-we-have method:

var all = store.all("vehicle");
//all.length === 2

Feel free to modify the objects you find in the store. But in the future, updating a record will be taken seriously with a specialized update method.

Removing a record:

store.remove(r[0]);//BMW is gone from our store!

More examples can be found at /spec/


  • Data source support for store
  • Improving performance of Collection internal
  • Improving traversal of logic tree by reducing the context gradually


  • 2012-3-12 16:24
    • Better support for reserved words
  • 2012-3-14 21:50
    • Group conditions


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