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Essential data structures, and behaviors


Pronounced: "Essentials"

A collection of general purpose classes and behaviors (class traits) such as collections, dictionaries, trees, ordered lists, etc. The purpose of Sntls is to turn routines performed on multitudes (of data entries or class instances) into a series of linear transformations, akin to the CQS style of jQuery. The goal of Sntls is to make such complex transformations easy to follow and modify.



Npm package


Splitting multiple strings at once

sntls.Collection.of(String).create(['foo', 'bar'])
    .items // [['f', 'o', 'o'], ['b', 'a', 'r']]


var whoKnowsWho = {
    "Joe": { knows: ["Al", "David", "Joan"] },
    "Al": { knows: ["Joe"] },
    "Joan": { knows: ["Joe", "Daniel", "Pam"] }

// first-degree connections of persons with names like "J..."
    // filtering items where keys start with "J"
    // re-interpreting as Tree
    // querying 'knows' nodes
    // and interpreting results as collection of arrays
    .join(' and ') // joining all items
    // forming sentences
    .mapValues(function (item, path) {
        return path.toPath().asArray[0] + " knows " + item;

    // [
    //  "Joe knows Al and David and Joan",
    //  "Joan knows Joe and Daniel and Pam"
    // ]