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Slim-scroll (JavaScript Scroll Library) ~ 5KB compressed

Slim scroll is a replacement of default scrollbar provided by browsers on Windows. This library lets you design the scroll-bar by using simple css properties. It is created using javascript and css.

Main Features:

  • Added Typings
  • Easier to color the custom scrollbar using CSS.
  • Can animate easily (check below properties for support).
  • Re-evaluates when the container is fluid, vertically.
Method 1 (with no added styles):
new slimScroll(Element);   // 'Element' is Javascript DOM object
Method 2 (with added styles):

or to add your own defined css styles:

new slimScroll(Element, {
  'wrapperClass': '',

  'scrollBarClass': '',

  'scrollBarContainerClass': '',  

  'scrollBarContainerSpecialClass': '',

  'scrollBarMinHeight': '',

  'scrollBarFixedHeight': '',

  'keepFocus': true/false

Explanation of above properties:

  • wrapperClass (type - "string") : Mention wrapper class here.
  • scrollBarClass (type - "string") : Mention scroll bar class here.
  • scrollBarContainerClass (type - "string") : Mention scroll bar container class here.
  • scrollBarContainerSpecialClass (type - "string") : This property is used to mention a class which will be applied only when the user is scrolling the content. Could be helpful while applying animations to the scroll bar.
  • scrollBarMinHeight (type - "Integer") : Used to mention minimum scroll bar height here (without pixel unit)
  • scrollBarFixedHeight (type - "Integer") : Used to mention scroll bar fixed height (without pixel unit). This makes sure to show the scroll bar height fixed even when content inside the container is increased.
  • keepFocus (type - "Boolean") : Used to focus the container.

To make this work on height resize:

var customScroll = new slimScroll();
window.onresize = customScroll.resetValues;  // pure javascript example.


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