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    CLI to view Discord commands and sync commands with slash-create.

    slash-up <command>
      slash-up list                    View the list of commands on Discord
      slash-up view [command]          View a command on Discord
      slash-up local                   View the list of local commands
      slash-up sync                    Sync local commands to Discord
      slash-up init [template] [dest]  Clone a slash-create template into a new directory
      slash-up config [dir]            Create a config file in the specified directory
    Other Options
      -h, --help     Show usage information & exit                                             [boolean]
      -v, --version  Show version number & exit                                                [boolean]


    Config files are taken from slash-up.config.js file or the file set from --config flag. You can create a config template file from npx slash-up config.

    Property Type Description
    token string The token of the Discord bot
    applicationId string The application ID of the Discord bot
    commandPath string The path to the local commands directory
    globalToGuild string? The guild ID to set all global commands to when syncing, best for development environments
    beforeSync 'block'/'confirm'? What to do before syncing, 'confirm' prompts you before syncing
    env object? An object with keys as environment names and values as configs. You can use --env (-e) to use an environment's config

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    npm i slash-up

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