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SimpleR State

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SimpleR State is an ultra-lightweight library that provides the simplest state management for React.

  • Minimalist API; no complicated concepts or boilerplate
  • Use plain functions to update state (including async)
  • Largely unopinionated with flexible syntax
  • Extremely simple to unit test state logic
  • Highly extensible with plug-ins (e.g. persistence, dev tools)
  • Full TypeScript support with uncomplicated types
  • Made specifically for React, and built on React Hooks
  • Fully supports React 18 Concurrent Mode
  • Multiple times faster than context/reducer solution
  • It's tiny, just around 1 KB (minified + gzipped)

Get all these benefits with one dependency install:

npm install simpler-state

Two Easy Steps!

Step 1: Create an entity (shared state) and actions (updater functions)

// counter.js

import { entity } from 'simpler-state'

export const counter = entity(0)

export const reset = () => {

export const increment = by => {
  counter.set(value => value + by)
  // --OR-->  counter.set(counter.get() + by)

Step 2: Use the entity in your components with hooks

import { counter, increment, reset } from 'counter'

const CounterView = () => {
  const count = counter.use()
  // --OR-->  const count = useEntity(counter)

  return (

      <button onClick={() => increment(1)}> + </button>
      <button onClick={reset}> Reset </button>

It's that simple! But the library can do a lot more, so check out the docs website.


Learn more about what you can do with SimpleR State at


If you like this library, the concept, and its simplicity, please give it a star ⭐️ on the GitHub repo to let me know. 😀

The RFC (Request For Comments) has ended, but please feel free to open an issue on GitHub for any concerns/questions/suggestions.

Prior Art

This library is an evolution of the already production-proven react-entities that I also wrote. It shares the same stable core, but with a very different API.

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