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Shipherd is a runnable service for reporting CI statuses to Slack. Only supports CircleCI at the moment.


  • Messages a channel when a build is broken:

    Build broken

  • Messages a channel when a build is fixed:

    Build fixed


  1. Install from npm:
$ npm install -g shipherd
  1. Rename sample.js to production.js, and replace the values with your personal tokens/urls/configs.


To start the service, run shipherd start. It's highly recommended to do this in a screen or tmux session (optionally with an auto log).


To edit config values, run shipherd config. This will modify config/production.js.

The config file template lives in config/default.js. This is the base template inherited by all other configs. Any values which are undefined that aren't overridden by another config will throw a runtime error on access, so make sure to add values for these!

A sample config lives at config/sample.js.