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    servez: a simple command-line http server

    servez is a simple, zero-configuration command-line http server for development and learning. Note there is also an app version for those who prefer GUIs.

    Installing globally:

    Installation via npm:

     npm install servez -g

    This will install servez globally so you can run it from the command line.

    Running on-demand:

    Using npx you can run servez without installing it first:

     npx servez [options] [path]


     servez [options] [path] 

    [path] defaults to the current folder.

    You can now visit http://localhost:8080

    Available Options:

    • -h or --help for help

    • -p or --port Port to use (defaults to 8080) note if port is in use will use next available port

    • --version prints the version number

    • --scan scan forward until an open port is found. (defaults to true. --no-scan to disable)

    • --dirs Show folder listings (defaults to true, --no-dirs to disable)

    • --qr Show a QR code for the root url of the server. This might help for using servez with a phone.

    • --cors Include CORS headers (defaults to true, --no-cors to disable)

    • --local make serve only accessible from this machine. The default is to serve publicly. ( vs

    • --index Display index.html for folders if it exists (defaults to true, --no-index to disable)

    • --gzip serve somefile.gz in place of somefile

    • --brotli serve in place of somefile

    • --unity-hack ignore .gz and .br when computing content type. (defaults to true, --no-unity-hack to disable)

    • --shared-array-buffers include headers 'Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy': 'same-origin' and 'Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy': 'require-corp'.

    • --header=<name>:<value> extra headers to include eg --header=Content-Language:de-DE'

    • --robots Provide a /robots.txt if one does not exist. (defaults to true. --no-robots to disable)

    • --hidden Show files that start with .

    • --username Username for basic authentication

    • --password Password for basic authentication

    • -S or --ssl Use https (will use a fake cert if not specified)

    • -C or --cert Path to ssl cert file

    • -K or --key Path to ssl key file


    Cortez, Hernández, Gomez, Ramírez, and Servez walked into a bar...


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