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This Plugin Requires

  • Serverless V0.5 or newer


  • Executes npm install for all the package.json files inside serverless project directory with a single command.
  • This plugin also allows to define local shared dependencies in package.json.

Install Plugin

npm install --save serverless-dependency-install

Then in s-project.json add following entry to the plugins array: serverless-dependency-install e.g "plugins": ["serverless-dependency-install"]

Using the Plugin

  1. Install all the dependencies sls dependency install

  2. Create a new local shared dependency. sls dynamodb create -n <dependency-name> This creates the template code for local shared dependency, inside the directory with the name shared, in project root.

More on local shared dependencies

What if you need to share code, but don't wish to publish packages in NPM Registry? You can use the local shared dependencies.

  1. Create a directory(e.g 'local_shared_dependencies') in your serverless root to store shared local dependency(library) code. Create directories for each of the dependencies with a index.js inside, as shown below.

            |__package.json // Optional if you have other npm dependencies

    You can create a dependency-a by executing

    sls dependency create -n dependency-a
  2. In s-project.json add local_shared_dependencies text to override default directory shared

      "shared": "local_shared_dependencies"
  3. Open a package.json file in your code base which depends on a local shared dependency (lets say 'dependency-a' and 'dependency-b') and include the section 'customDependencies', as shown below.

        "dependencies": {},
        "customDependencies": {
            "dependency-a" : "local",
            "dependency-b" : "local"
  4. To install local shared dependencies as well as npm dependencies use the same command

    sls dependency install



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