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Collection of extensions to Sequelize

What it does

Packages together 4 Sequelize plugins (sequelize-definer, sequelize-hierarchy, sequelize-virtual-fields and sequelize-values).

Current status

NPM version Build Status Dependency Status Dev dependency Status Coverage Status

API is stable. All features and options are fairly well tested. Works with all dialects of SQL supported by Sequelize (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite) except Microsoft SQL Server.

Utilizes Sequelize v3.x.x internally, but can work with v2.x.x.


Usage of this module is not recommended! Better to use the 4 plugins directly (sequelize-definer, sequelize-hierarchy, sequelize-virtual-fields and sequelize-values).

Loading module

To load module:

var Sequelize = require('sequelize-extra');

Additional Promise methods

Sequelize.Promise is augmented with extra methods from bluebird-extra so methods like mapSeries() can be used on results returned from Sequelize.


Use npm test to run the tests. Use npm run cover to check coverage.

Requires a database called 'sequelize_test' and a db user 'sequelize_test' with no password.




If you discover a bug, please raise an issue on Github.


Pull requests are very welcome. Please:

  • ensure all tests pass before submitting PR
  • add an entry to changelog
  • add tests for new features
  • document new functionality/API additions in README