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Sequelize is a promise-based Node.js ORM for Postgres, MySQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. It features solid transaction support, relations, read replication and more.


v4 (stable) documentation

v4 upgrade guide

v3 documentation


npm install sequelize

From 3.0.0 and up Sequelize will follow SEMVER. 3.0.0 contains important security fixes so we highly recommend that users upgrade.

Starting from 4.0.0 Sequelize will only support Node v4 and above to use ES6 features.


  • Schema definition
  • Schema synchronization/dropping
  • 1:1, 1:M & N:M Associations
  • Through models
  • Promises
  • Hooks/callbacks/lifecycle events
  • Prefetching/association including
  • Transactions
  • Migrations
  • CLI (sequelize-cli)

Responsible disclosure

If you have any security issue to report, contact project maintainers privately. You can find contact information here