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    Wrapper for Selenium WebDriver, which provides testing user-oriented API for writing stable and readable UI tests in JavaScript/TypeScript.

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    Nodejs 8+


    Install selenidejs via npm to your project:

    npm i --save-dev selenidejs


    Set your webdriver instance:

    import { Browser } from 'selenidejs';
    const webDriverInstance = ...;
    const browser = Browser.configuredWith().driver(webDriverInstance).build();

    And you are ready to go!

    Quick Start

    Basic API


        import { Builder, Capabilities } from 'selenium-webdriver';
        const webdriver = new Builder().withCapabilities(


        import { Browser } from 'selenidejs';
        const browser = Browser.configuredWith()
        // OR:
        // browser = Browser.chromeWith().timeout(4000).baseUrl('').build();
        // OR:
        // browser =; //if you are ok with defaults for baseUrl and timeout




        // await browser.element('[name=q]')).type('selenium');
        // OR:
        import { by } from 'selenidejs';
        const query = browser.element('q')); // actual search does not start here, the element is lazy
        await query.type('selenium')                 // here the actual webelement is found
        await query.pressEnter();                    // here the actual webelement is found again


        // in case we need to filter collection of items by some condition like visibility:
        import { be } from 'selenidejs';
        const results = browser.all('.srg .g').filteredBy(be.visible);


        import { have } from 'selenidejs';
        await results.should(have.size(10));
        await results.first.should(have.text('Selenium automates browsers'));


        await browser.quit();

    More advanced tricks

        // OR just in case you like the "flow"
        import { find, should } from 'selenidejs';
        await browser.all('.srg .g').should(have.size(10))
            .then(should.match(have.text('Selenium automates browsers')));

        // OR:
        import { perform } from 'selenidejs';
        await browser.element('q')).type('selenium').then(perform.pressEnter);
        // instead of
        const query = browser.element('q'));
        await query.type('selenium')
        await query.pressEnter();

    Not sure when you will need it, but just in case:) ...

        import { get } from 'selenidejs';
        const iWillRememberYourTextOnceReady =
            await browser.element('#i-change-my-text-on-hover').hover().then(get.someText)

    You might think you need something like...

        import { its } from 'selenidejs';
        if (await browser.element('#i-might-say-yes-or-no').get(its.text) === 'yes') {
            // do something...


        import { their } from 'selenidejs';
        if (await browser.all('.option').get(their.size) >= 2) {
            // do something...

    Maybe one day, you really find a use case:) But for above cases, probably easier would be:

        if (await browser.element('#i-might-say-yes-or-no').waitUntil(have.text('yes'))) {
            // do something...
        if (await browser.all('.i-will-appear').waitUntil(have.sizeGreaterThanOrEqual(2))) {
            // do something...

    Or, by using non-waiting versions, if "you are in a rush":)...

        if (await browser.element('#i-might-say-yes-or-no').matching(have.text('yes'))) {
            // do something...
        if (await browser.all('.i-will-appear').matching(have.sizeGreaterThanOrEqual(2))) {
            // do something...

    In case you want to be different) ...

       const browser = new Browser(Configuration.withDriver(driver).timeout(4000).build());

    More Examples

    SelenideJS on top of Selenium Webdriver with Jasmine as test runner (TypeScript version)
    SelenideJS on top of Protractor (TypeScript version)
    SelenideJS on top of Webdriverio (TypeScript version)
    SelenideJS on top of Selenium Webdriver with Toundra as test runner (TypeScript version)



    You can start with Typescript or Javascript tutorial to get familiar with basic and some advanced features of Selenidejs. Using Typescript is recommended when writing tests (it will enable IDE's autocompletion features, compile-time checks, etc. since Selenidejs itself written in Typescript), but you still can use Javascript.

    Typescript tutorial
    Javascript tutorial

    How to create custom conditions

    If you ever need to write custom conditions like button.should(have.matchedText(/.*Continue.*/g)) or collection.should(have.sizeInRange(0, 10)) you might need to add your custom conditions. Detailed howto placed in api docs.

    API Documentation

    Generated API documentation can be found here.

    For Contributors


    Please read contributing for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

    Running the tests


    • google chrome is installed locally

    Run unit and integration tests:

    npm test

    Run code style test

    run ts linter:

    npm run lint


    We use npm for versioning. for the versions available, see the npm or github releases.

    History & Contributors

    The Selenide was originally started to be ported from Java to JavaScript by @yashaka (Iakiv Kramarenko) in the selenejs repository (originally named also as selenidejs).

    Then Knowledge Expert picked the Iakiv's race, and under Iakiv's leadership rewrote the initial draft implementation in TypeScript. @alex-popov-tech (Alexander Popov) put main efforts in the beginning to build the first working version.

    In Feb 2019, after refining the API and hardening the implementation, the 1.0 version was released.

    See the CHANGELOG for details of all further development details and changes.

    See also the full list of contributors who participated in this project.


    this project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details


    npm i selenidejs

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