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Learn what Playwright can do in each of the various browsers it supports. By default, Scriptwriter loads Chromium and creates a Chrome Devtools Protocol (CDP) client for more repl fun!


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  1. Ensure you have node 10.15.0 or higher.
  2. Install Playwright globally: npm i -g playwright (tested with 1.0.1).
  3. Install Scriptwriter: npm i -g scriptwriter.
  4. Or clone this repo and use npm link or npm start.

Get Started

  1. scriptwriter --no-headless will launch the repl and Chromium.
  2. Use await right away: await page.goto('https://github.com')
  3. The prompt will change on load: github.com ~>
  4. .help lists the global commands.
  5. Pressing Tab twice will display autocomplete help.
  6. Save and load your repl sessions!


You can use cli flags to set the config scriptwriter --help:

    $ scriptwriter [--no-headless] [--device <name>] [--config <file>]
                   [--browser <browser>] [--no-js] [--no-csp]
    --no-headless, --no-h  Run as headless=false
    --device, -d           Load a device profile from Playwright
    --config, -c           Pass a config file to Scriptwriter
    --browser, -b          Change browsers (default: chromium)
    --no-js                Disable JavaScript
    --no-csp               Bypass CSP
    --aom, -a              Launch with Accessibility Object Model (AOM) enabled
    --user, -u             Launch with a Persistent Context
    $ scriptwriter
    $ scriptwriter --no-headless
    $ scriptwriter --device 'iPhone X'
    $ scriptwriter --config ./config.js
    $ scriptwriter -c ./config.json --no-h
    $ scriptwriter --no-js --b firefox

Config File

You can also load a config from a file.

// iphonex.json
    "launch": {
        "headless": true,
        "args": ["--some-blink-specific-tag-name"]
    "context": {},
    "device": "iPhone X"

scriptwriter --config iphonex.json

Custom Commands

You can load your own commands. Scriptwriter exposes some helpful utility functions.


// my-command.js
scriptwriter.completion = '.louder';
director.defineCommand('louder', {
    help: `make something louder`,
    async action(str) {
        const { log, color } = scriptwriter;
// in the scriptwriter repl
> .load my-command.js
> .louder test

Mac Firewall

On a mac, you may get the firewall popup.

  1. Open keychain access.
  2. In the top menu, choose Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Create a Certificate.
  3. Name it Playwright.
  4. Change the Certificate Type to Code Signing.
  5. Click create.
  6. Right click your new certificate and choose Get Info.
  7. Open Trust disclosure.
  8. Change When using this certificate: to Always Trust.
  9. Start Scriptwriter.
  10. When Chromium starts, right click the icon in the menu bar, choose Options > Show in Finder.
  11. Right click Chromium and select New Terminal Here.
  12. In the terminal type pwd and copy the path.
  13. Use the following to assign the certificate: sudo codesign -s Playwright -f <PATH_TO_CHROMIUM> --deep.

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