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Reuse scratch memory for intermediate calculations. This is useful for avoiding costly reallocations and for keeping temporary array data in hot cache between procedure calls.


npm install scratch

require("scratch")(n[, dtype])

Returns a temporary array buffer for intermediate calculations.

  • n is the length of the array
  • dtype is an optional string which specifies the type of the typed array to return. Possible options are:
    • "uint8"
    • "uint16"
    • "uint32"
    • "int8"
    • "int16"
    • "int32"
    • "float32"
    • "float64"
    • undefined - Returns an ArrayBuffer

Returns A typed array of length n


This module is non-reentrant. Once you have allocated scratch memory, you should not call any submodules, or else they may overwrite the contents of the data in scratch. You should only use this module if you know what you are doing.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License