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A lightning fast package to scrape YouTube search results. This was made for Discord Bots.


npm install scrape-youtube --save


import { youtube } from 'scrape-youtube';
// const { youtube } = require('scrape-youtube');'Short Change Hero').then((results) => {
    // Unless you specify a custom type you will only receive 'video' results
// or
const { videos } = await'Short Change Hero');

Custom Types

Supported types are: video, live, movie, channel, playlist and any'lofi hip hop beats to relax/study to', { type: 'live' }).then((results) => {


Please see the examples directory for examples on what data you will receive from each search.
Your IDE should have autocompletion that works with the interface files, but these are here just in case.

If you want help using this in Discord Bot, please visit the wiki page for TS/JS examples.


Please note that the "videos" listed in playlist responses will only contain 1-2 items. This is what is available from the search results.
If you wish to load an entire playlist, consider using ytdl-core.

Custom Filters

You can pass { sp: 'ABC' } as the second parameter to use custom filters like upload date, duration, features ect.
You will need to fetch the SP parameter yourself from youtube. Please see this image for an example.

Request Options

You can pass { request: { } } as the second parameter to use a proxy, custom headers, agents ect.
See http.request for more information.

const options = {
    type: 'video',
    request: {
        headers: {
            Cookie: 'PREF=f2=8000000',
            'Accept-Language': 'de'
};'Poets of the fall', options);

For example, using Cookie: 'PREF=f2=8000000' will enable restricted mode to filter out videos with bad language or adult themes.
Additionally, 'Accept-Language': 'de' will load YouTube in German, sometimes resulting in different titles and content responses.

Extra Info

You can use ytdl-core by fent to load extra information like exact upload dates, full descriptions, like/dislike ratio, video ads ect.
Please see this example in the wiki to see how.

Subscriber count

As mentioned in issue #57 some channels appear to have the subscriber count hidden. In this case the package will default to 0.


Channel handles will be used if available. Some channels do not have handles, if this is the case the channel link will use the old ID, EG: /channel/12345 vs /@user I recommend sticking to the ID as handles are unreliable.

Quick Info

  • Multiple pages currently can not be loaded. This may change in the future, but currently you will be limited to 20 results.
  • This package will only make 1 request per search, even when using any types.
  • If this package stops working, please open an issue on GitHub. I will fix it within a day.

👤 Author

This project was made by Kain ( Feel free to contact me if you have any trouble with this package.

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome! Feel free to check issues page.

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📝 License

Copyright © 2018 Kain ( This project is MIT licensed.

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