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Generate a sails generator.

generator generator

A Sails generator for Sails generators. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!

Already included in Sails.

$ sails generate generator foo
var generate = require('sails-generate');
var scope = {};
generate(require('sails-generate-generator'), scope, function (err, output) {
    if (err) throw err;
    // Log output for your enjoyment: 

To get started quickly and see this generator in action, run the bin/index.js script:

$ git clone YOUR_FORK_OF_THIS_REPO sails-generate-generator-fork
cd sails-generate-generator-fork
$ npm install
$ node ./bin

bin/index.js is a simple script, bundled only for convenience, that runs the generator with hard-coded scope variables. Please feel free to modify that file however you like! Also see for more information on overriding/enhancing generators.


MIT © 2014 Mike McNeil, Balderdash & contributors

As for Sails? It's free and open-source under the MIT License.