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A controller generator for use with the Sails command-line interface.

Installing this generator

Certain generators are installed by default in Sails, but they can be overridden. Check the Sails docs for information on installing generator overrides / custom generators.

For a particular app

In your app directory:

$ npm install sails-generate-controller

Then edit this project's ./.sailsrc file (see below for details). If no local .sailsrc file exists yet, you can just create one.

As the default for your global Sails install

In your $HOME folder (i.e. ~/):

$ npm install sails-generate-controller

Then edit your global ~/.sailsrc file (see below for details). If no global .sailsrc file exists yet, you can just create one.

Configuring a .sailsrc file to use this generator

Add or replace the module used for generating a "controller":

    "generators": {
        "modules": {
            "controller": "sails-generate-controller"


Now that the generator is installed, you can test it:

$ sails generate controller foobar



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Sails is free and open-source under the MIT License.