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    Cached S3 Wrapper

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    S3 File Access Abstraction providing Memory and Disk Caching Layer. Useful e.g. in lambda functions if you want to reduce the amount of s3 access for serving (semi-)static files.

    What it does

    • Access abstraction to access JSON and GZipped data on AWS S3
    • Two Layer caching (memory and disk)
    • Allows you to define cache constraints like TTL

    Getting Started


    $ npm install --save s3-cached

    Request S3 Files

    const s3 = require('s3-cached')({
      bucket: 'YOUR_BUCKET_NAME',
      s3Options: {
        accessKeyId: 'YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID',
        secretAccessKey: 'YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'
    s3.getJsonObjectCached('large.json').then((json) => {
      // do something with the json data
    }).catch((err) => {
      // there has been an error

    Available functions

    • getBinaryObjectCached: retrieve file content, caching additional modifications possible through parameter
    • getTextObjectCached: retrieve file content as string and return as promise
    • getJsonObjectCached: retrieve file content as string, parse as json and return as promise
    • getGzipObjectCached: retrieve file content, gunzip and return as promise
    • getKeysCached: retrieve all file names in bucket with given prefix

    Note that you can specify the ttl and/or custom bucket on a per file basis by calling e.g. s3.getJsonObjectCached(FILE_NAME, { ttl, bucket }). For exact method signatures please check the code.

    Other Function / Exports

    • resetCache(): Reset everything in cache
    • aws: The underlying aws-sdk-wrap instance



    Type: string
    Default: undefined

    Specify the Bucket name you want to retrieve data from. It either has to be defined here or on every request (overwrites).


    Type: object
    Default: -

    Passed into aws-wrap-sdk for AWS.S3() initialization.


    Type: logger
    Default: null

    Passed into aws-wrap-sdk.


    Type: integer
    Default: 600

    Define how long a cached file is kept by default. This can be overwritten on a per-file basis by passing a second parameter into the function.


    Type: integer
    Default: 100

    Define how many cached entities can be hold in memory at the same time. If more entities are present, the earliest are discarded from memory cache.


    Type: integer
    Default: 469762048

    Maximum amount of disk space in bytes used by disk cache. Earliest files are discarded from file cache if more space is used.


    Type: string
    Default: /tmp

    Location to store temporary data for disk cache.


    npm i s3-cached

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