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    s1 – Static server for SPA development

    The light and simple node-way static server with mod_rewrite. Best suitable for single-page apps development but can be used to host anyting static.

    Please, avoid using it in production.


    Install via npm (preferred globally).

    npm -g install s1

    Go to your project's public assets directory and run s1 executable.

    cd app/public && s1

    Now open localhost:8080 and enjoy your work.

    CLI options

    $ s1 --help
    Usage: s1 [options]
      -h, --host, --ip      Host or IP to bind                  [default: ""]
      -p, --port            Port                                     [default: 8080]
      -d, --dir, --root     Root directory                           [default: "./"]
      -i, --index           Index file                       [default: "index.html"]
      -c, --config, --conf  Config module                      [default: "./config"]
      --help                Show help                                      [boolean]


    The config is the basic Node.js module exporting object. It is located at s1's root directory, e.g. if installed globally in OS X /usr/local/lib/node_modules/s1/config.js.

    You can have as many configs as you want, store it where you want and pass needed one to the s1 using -c or --config cli switch.

    For example:

    s1 --config ~/myapps/config.app1.js

    Config options

    All config options except rewrite could be redefined from CLI.

    Name Type Default Description
    host String Host or interface's IP address s1 will be bound to. By default binds to ALL interfaces.
    port Number 8080 Binding port.
    dir String ./ Root directory from which files will be hosted. Default to current directory.
    index String index.html Index file name. Your app's entry.
    rewrite Array base rewrite Array with rules for mod_rewrite engine. s1 uses connect-modrewrite which rules are similiar to classic mod_rewrite in Nginx or Apache. You can use s1's options in rules using {{property}} syntax.


    The main purpose of the server is to stay tiny and easy to use in everyday development tasks. So if you got any use case you think is widely popular but poorly supported by s1 – feel free to tell me about it, or try to implement it yourself and send the PR.


    npm i s1

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