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    A port of some powerful Rust abstractions to JavaScript. By now it contains following modules:

    • Option (rust doc) - an abstraction designed to handle operations with null in the functional style, an implementation of functional monad Maybe.
    • Result (rust doc) - an abstraction that is able to supplement - or even replace, - the standard exception scheme. Depending on function result it may wrap success or error value and is able to be processed in accordance with this result.


    Complete project documentation can be found here.


    To install rustils run the following command in the console:

    $ npm i --save rustils


    Import package in your code and you are ready:

    import {Some, Option} from 'rustils';
    const option: Option<number> = Some(10);
    assert.equal(option.andThen(v => v + 50).unwrap(), 60);

    You can see detailed using in API reference.

    JavaScript usage

    As you can see, all examples is written in Typescript here. But if you want to use this library with JavaScript, there is no problem. Just throw out all the types and use the package.

    var rustils = require('rustils');
    var Some = rustils.Some;
    var None = rustils.None;
    var option = Some(10);
    assert.equal(option.andThen(function(v) { return v + 50 }).unwrap(), 60);

    About project

    This project is highly inspired by r-result. r-result is a nice project, but it lacks typescript support and implements only Result type, without Option. So I decided to create my own rust-port project. Hope it will be useful for anyone.

    The rustils type system is made as close as it can to the Rust original. Some function like take or as_ref that has it's use in Rust, in JavaScript does not make sense, so they are not implemented.


    Information about license can be found here.


    npm i rustils

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