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Rung CLI


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Command line tools for Rung


sudo npm install -g rung-cli

This will make the command rung available globally.


You can checkout the last docs in this link!


  • Create blank extensions
  • Generate .rung packages
  • Run extensions locally in CLI mode
  • Publish extensions to Rung Store (public and private)
  • Generate boilerplate code for extension
  • Generate file to publish
  • Test autocomplete directly in the terminal
  • Hot reloading and live development


rung [build|run|publish|boilerplate|readme|db]


Command Description
build Generate a .rung package
run Execute the current extension
publish Publish extension to store
boilerplate Generate boilerplate code for the extension
readme Generate the file to publish
db read Read from extension database
db clear Drop extension database


Option Description
-o, --output Where to save the built package
--version Displays versions
--private If set, extension is published for current user only
--raw Displays returned alerts outside a table
--live With run, starts hot compiling and preview on browser