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Organize npm scripts into named groups of easy to manage commands (CLI tool designed for use in npm scripts)

License:MIT npm Build

run-scripts-util reads the runScriptsConfig settings in your package.son to get groups (arrays) of commands to execute.

Turn the traditional hard-to-follow commands:

"scripts": {
   "clean": "rimraf build dist",
   "compile-ts": "tsc",
   "compile-less": "lessc src/web-app/style.less build/web-app/style.css",
   "graphics": "copy-folder src/graphics build/my-app/graphics",
   "compile-html": "replacer src/web-app --ext=.html --pkg build/my-app",
   "pretest": "npm run clean && npm run compile-ts && npm run compile-less && npm run graphics && npm run compile-html",
   "test": "mocha spec"

into easy-to-read named groups (arrays) of commands:

"runScriptsConfig": {
   "clean": [
      "rimraf build dist"
   "compile": [
      "lessc src/web-app/style.less build/web-app/style.css",
      "copy-folder src/graphics build/my-app/graphics",
      "replacer src/web-app --ext=.html --pkg build/my-app"
"scripts": {
   "pretest": "run-scripts clean compile",
   "test": "mocha spec"

Each group of commands is executed in order, and the commands within each group are by default executed in serial (synchronously) but can optionally be executed in parallel (asynchronously).


A) Setup

Install package for node:

$ npm install --save-dev run-scripts-util

B) Usage

1. npm scripts

Use run-scripts in the "scripts" section of your package.json file and add a parameter naming the key in runScriptsConfig holding the group (array) of commands to execute.

Example package.json scripts:

   "scripts": {
      "build": "run-scripts clean compile",

2. CLI flags

Command-line flags:

Flag Description Value
--note Place to add a comment only for humans. string
--only Execute just one command in the group (starts with 1). number
--parallel Execute all commands within each group asynchronously. N/A
--quiet Suppress informational messages. N/A
--verbose Add script group name to informational messages. N/A

3. Example CLI usage


  • run-scripts clean compile
    Execute the clean group of commands and then execute the compile group fo commands.

  • run-scripts clean compile --quiet
    Do not display information messages.

  • run-scripts compile --verbose --only=2
    Execute just the second command in the compile group.

  • run-scripts lint watch --parallel
    Execute all the lint commands in parallel and after all the commands are finished execute the watch commands in parallel.

4. Skip a command

To comment out a command prepend a dash (-) to the command.

In the example below, the first tsc command will be skipped while the tsc --verbose command will be executed:

"runScriptsConfig": {
  "compile": [
     "- tsc",
     "tsc --verbose",
     "lessc src/web-app/style.less build/web-app/style.css"

5. Debug a command

To manually run a single command, use npx from the terminal plus the --only flag.

For example, to run the third command in the compile group by itself:

$ npx run-scripts compile --only=3

C) Application Code

Even though run-scripts-util is primarily intended for build scripts, the package can easily be used programmatically in ESM and TypeScript projects.


import { runScripts } from 'run-scripts-util';

const options = { quiet: false };
runScripts.exec('compile', options);
runScripts.execParallel('watch', options);

See the TypeScript Declarations at the top of run-scripts.ts for documentation.

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