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    Real-time Modification of Requests

    RtMoR is alternative to Requestly

    Why do I need RtMoR?

    If you are working on an application in React, Angular, VueJS, you will definitely appreciate RtMoR. See the problem below that RtMoR is solving.

    Issue (story):

    You need to debug your JavaScript application in production. Unfortunately, you cannot make a copy of such an environment and nor can you access JS scripts on the server.

    Thanks to RtMoR, you can redirect the selected resource request to the local server.


    So you can safely work in the production environment.

    Examples (Linux, bash)

    Remember to build a project!


    ( ↑ Script uses the GO compiler - recommended version: 1.15.6 )

    Show help:

    ./build/linux-amd64/rtmor -help

    Run proxy server that is listening on all network interfaces:

    ./build/linux-amd64/rtmor -start -listen -log BMW

    Run with a configuration containing sample rules:

    ./build/linux-amd64/rtmor -start -listen -cfg ./configs/sample.yaml -log BMW

    Configuration file

    The configuration file contains examples of using RtMoR./configs/sample.yaml

    Examples (Windows, cmd)

    Remember to build a project!


    ( ↑ Script dist.cmd uses the GO compiler - recommended version: 1.15.6 )

    Run with a configuration containing sample rules:

    build\windows-amd64\rtmor.exe -start -listen -cfg configs\sample.yaml -log BMW

    HTTPS and Certificate

    For HTTPS redirection to work, install the certificate on the device.

    CA Root

    • ./assets/ca-root/ca.crt
    • ./assets/ca-root/ca.pem

    The certificate comes from elazarl/goproxy

    How do install a root certificate in Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint) ( screenshot )

    Runnable binaries

    Download a copy of the repository and binaries ready to run.


    Install from source (Linux, bash):

    Build package for NPM:

    ./scripts/ && npm pack

    Install rtmor package from file:

    npm install -g ./rtmor-0.6.1.tgz

    Install from server:

    npm install -g rtmor

    ( ➥ )

    RtMoR installed with NPM includes binary files compiled for systems:

    • Windows 10 (64-bit & 32-bit)
    • Linux (64-bit & 32-bit)
    • MacOS (64-bit, intel)


    I put the software temporarily under the Go-compatible BSD license. If this prevents someone from using the software, do let me know and I'll consider changing it.

    The software uses repositories:

    Early stage

    The software was created for personal use and is in the early stages of development, so CLI is subject to change.


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