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RTCMultiConnection - WebRTC JavaScript Library


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YouTube videos

  1. Getting started guide / RTCMultiConnection
  2. Setup custom server / RTCMultiConnection
  3. Write screen sharing applications / RTCMultiConnection
  4. YouTube Playlist
  5. RTCMultiConnection-v2 (old) videos:


  1. Getting Started guide for RTCMultiConnection
  2. Installation Guide
  3. How to Use?
  4. API Reference
  5. Upgrade from v2 to v3
  6. How to write iOS/Android applications?
  7. Tips & Tricks

iOS+Android Demo Apps

Note: RTCMultiConnection supports Safari-11 browser both on iOS and MacOSX.

So you do not need to build a cordova or ionic application.


DemoTitle TestLive ViewSource
Audio+Video+File+TextChat Demo Source
Pre-recorded media streaming (webm/mp3 live streaming) Demo Source
FileSharing Demo Source
Scalable Audio/Video Broadcast Demo Source
Scalable Screen Broadcast Demo Source
Scalable Video Broadcast Demo Source
Scalable File Sharing Demo Source
Video Conferencing Demo Source
SSEConnection (Server Sent Events) Demo Source
Audio+Video+Screen Sharing Demo Source
One-to-One Video Chat Demo Source
Audio Conferencing Demo Source
Video Broadcasting Demo Source
TextChat+FileSharing Demo Source
addStream in a Chat room Demo Source
Part-of-Screen Sharing Demo Source
Share Audio+Screen Demo Source
Screen Sharing Demo Source
Disconnect/Rejoin rooms Demo Source
Password Protected Rooms Demo Source
replaceTrack in Firefox Demo Source
applyConstraints in Firefox Demo Source
Firebase-Demo Demo Source
PubNub Demo Demo Source Custom-Messaging Demo Source
Check Rooms Presence Demo Source
getPublicModerators Demo Source
Change Cameras/Microphone Demo Source
MultiRTC: Skype-like app Demo Source
Change Video Resolutions in your Live Sessions Demo Source
Admin/Guest demo Demo Source
Check if StreamHasData Demo Source
Capture & Share Screen from any domain! Demo Source
SignalR demo for RTCMultiConnection -- Source

Older Versions

Wiki Pages


RTCMultiConnection is released under MIT licence . Copyright (c) Muaz Khan.


npm i rtcmulticonnection

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