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risco-lan-bridge is not intended to be used as is. This program is intended to be used as a "bridge" between your application and a Risco alarm Panel (can also work with Electronic Line products but this has not been tested).


risco-lan-bridge is compatible with these central units and these features:

Agility Wicomm Wicomm Pro LightSYS ProSYSPlus/GTPlus Other
Zones Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Partitions Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Outputs Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Groups N** N** N** N** N** ?
Arming Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Stay Arming Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Temporised Arming N** N** N** N** N** ?
Disarming Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Bypass/UnBypass Zones Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
Command Outputs Y* Y* Y* Y Y* ?
PirCam Support N*** N*** N*** N N*** ?

*=> Theoretical compatibility not tested.

**=> Not functional today.

***=> Not functional today (planned for a future version).

WARNING : For control panels equipped with a Mono-Socket type IP module (IPC / RW132IP), direct connection may not work if RiscoCloud is enabled in the configuration. To use this module, you must therefore deactivate RiscoCloud and then restart your control panel (or the IP module by deactivating it and then reactivating it in the configuration from the keyboard). This action will prevent the control panel from connecting to RiscoCloud and you will no longer be able to use it remotely from the iRisco application.


First of all, you must define the options necessary to define the Risco Panel Object.

let  Options = {
// Define Panel IP Address (Optional)
Panel_IP:  '',
// Define Panel TCP Port (Optional)
Panel_Port:  1000,
// Define Panel Access Code (Optional)
Panel_Password:  5678,
// Define Panel ID (Optional)
Panel_Id:  '0001',
// Activate autodiscover (Optional)
AutoDiscover:  true,
// Defines the waiting time for a reconnection in ms (Optional)
ReconnectDelay:  10000,
// Defines automatic connection (Optional)
AutoConnect:  true,
// Defines if the plugin should deactivate RiscoCloud on the control panel (Optional)
Disable_RiscoCloud:  true,
// Defines if the plugin should activate RiscoCloud on the control panel (Optional)
Enable_RiscoCloud:  true,
//Note :If the 'Disable_RiscoCloud' and 'Enable_RiscoCloud' options are both true, no changes will be made.
// Defines if the plugin should discover the access codes and the Id panel automatically (Optional)
DiscoverCode:  true,
// Defines the operating mode of the TCP Socket ('direct' or 'proxy') (Optional)
// see wiki for more information
SocketMode: 'direct',
// In Proxy Mode, define the listening TCP port for the Panel to connect (Optional)
ListeningPort: 33000,
// In Proxy Mode, define the TCP port to connect to RiscoCloud (Optional)
CloudPort: 33000,
// In Proxy Mode, define the URL to connect to RiscoCloud (Optional)
CloudUrl: 'www.riscocloud.com',
// Defines an overload function for logging (Optional)
logger:  logger_function,
// Defines a specific channel for logs (Optional - default channel is 'console')
log:  log_channel

All these options are not mandatory, the only really essential option is the 'Panel_IP' option (unless the TCP Port, Panel Id and remote password are not the default ones, in which case they must also be specified).

For Socket mode, see the wiki for more information

You can then create your RiscoPanel Object:

// Create Agility Object
let  RPanel = new  RiscoTCPPanel.Agility(Options);
// Or create WiComm Object
let  RPanel = new  RiscoTCPPanel.WiComm(Options);
// Or create WiCommPro Object
let  RPanel = new  RiscoTCPPanel.WiCommPro(Options);
// Or create LightSYS Object
let  RPanel = new  RiscoTCPPanel.LightSys(Options);
// Or create ProsysPlus Object
let  RPanel = new  RiscoTCPPanel.ProsysPlus(Options);
// Or create GTPlus Object
let  RPanel = new  RiscoTCPPanel.GTPlus(Options);

With the default options, the connection will be automatically made and you will obtain an object representing your control panel and permanently reflecting the real state of the equipment.

For more information regarding operation or interactions with the hardware, please refer to the wiki.


risco-lan-bridge is licensed under the MIT license, so you can dispose of it as you see fit under the terms of that license.


npm i risco-lan-bridge

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