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    Right Track Agency (Abstract)

    node module: right-track-agency
    GitHub repo: right-track/right-track-agency

    This is an abstract Right Track Agency. This module provides the abstract RightTrackAgency class which is extended by an implementing Right Track Agency.

    The abstract class provides the functionality for reading agency configuration files and setting the configuration properties.

    This module also includes the Station Feed Classes: StationFeed, StationFeedDeparture, and StationFeedDepartureStatus, which are all required when an Agency implements the real-time Station Feed functionality.


    Documentation can be found in the /doc/ directory of this repository or online at

    Supported Agencies

    The following are Right Track Agencies that implement this abstract class:


    When a RightTrackAgency class is instantiated it will read the agency's default configuration file (agency.json located in the root of the agency's module directory).

    Get Agency Configuration

    To get the agency configuration use the getConifg() function. The configuration will have a structure similar to:

      "name": "Long Island Rail Road",
      "id": "lirr",
      "maintainer": {
        "name": "David Waring",
        "email": "",
        "website": ""
      "db": {
        "location": "./static/db/latest/database.db",
        "archiveDir": "./static/db/archive/"
      "stationFeed": {
        "stationURL": "{{ORIGIN_ID}}&endsta={{DESTINATION_ID}}",
        "gtfsrt": {
          "url": "{{GTFS_RT_API_KEY}}/json",
          "apiKey": ""
      "static": {
        "img": {
          "icon": "./static/img/icon.png"
      "build": {
        "updateURL": ""
      "colors": {
        "primary": "#0f47a1",
        "primaryText": "#dddddd",
        "secondary": "#ffd54f",
        "secondaryText": "#263238"

    Additional Configuration

    To provide additional configuration variables, or to override the default ones, create a new configuration file with the variables to add:

        "db": {
            "location": "/new/path/to/database.db"
        "stationFeed": {
            "gtfsrt": {
                "apiKey": "your-mta-api-key"

    Then, use the readConfig(configFile) to parse the configuration file and merge its properties with those already loaded.

    The configFile path can be an absolute or relative path, with relative paths loaded relative to the root of the agency's module directory.

    Any relative paths in the configuration file will be loaded relative to the directory the new configuration file is located in.

    Station Feed

    A Station Feed provides a list of scheduled departures from a single Stop combined with agency-specific real-time information, such as departure status and/or track numbers.

    To load an agency-specific StationFeed, use the loadFeed(db, origin, callback) function where:

    • db is the agency's RightTrackDB
    • origin is the origin Stop
    • callback is a callback function: function(err, feed)
      • accepting an Error and StationFeed as arguments.

    See the Documentation for more information on the structure of a StationFeed.


    The following example uses the right-track-agency-mnr module, which is the Metro North Railroad implementation of a RightTrackAgency.

    const MNR = require('right-track-agency-mnr');
    const RightTrackDB = require('right-track-db-sqlite3');
    const core = require('right-track-core');
    // Load an additional configuration file
    // This path is relative to the agency's module directory
    // Create a RightTrackDB for this Agency
    let db = new RightTrackDB(MNR);
    // Query the Database for Stop with id = '1'
    core.query.stops.getStop(db, '1', function(err, stop) {
      // Load the agency's StationFeed for this Stop
      MNR.loadFeed(db, stop, function(err, feed) {
        // Do something with the station feed




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