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    A node module for generating json-files and (optionaly) an additional TypeScript resourceManager based on one or multiple resx-files.
    This module is usualy used in grunt or other taskrunners during development to make text resources from resx-files available in JavaScript and Typescript


    npm install --save-dev resx-json-typescript-converter


    The resx-json-typescript-converter is exported as a commonjs module. To use it in your environment (eg. in grunt) you need to require or import the corresponding function from the module.
    Example usage:

    let resxConverter = require('resx-json-converter');
    resxConverter.convertResx(['./App_GlobalResources/ResourceBase.en.resx', './App_GlobalResources/', './App_GlobalResources/ResourceBase.resx'], './App_Assets/TS/resources', { defaultResxCulture: 'de', mergeCulturesToSingleFile: true, generateTypeScriptResourceManager: true, searchRecursive: true });


    A call to the convertResx function has a few required and optional parameters:
    resxInput - A single string or an array of strings pointing either to individual resx files or to folders containing resx files that should be included.
    outputFolder - The output folder where the generated *.json files and the optionaly generated resourceManager should be created/saved.
    options - The option for the conversion is an Object with following keys:

        defaultResxCulture: 'de', 
        mergeCulturesToSingleFile: true, 
        generateTypeScriptResourceManager: true, 
        searchRecursive: true 


    defaultResxCulture - The default resx culture is used in two cases. First there might be resx-files that do not contain a culture in their filename (eg. ResourceBase.resx, as oposed to fr is used as culture of the resource file). For this filees the defuatResxCulture is used. (Default: 'en')
    mergeCulturesToSingleFile - Combine teh cultures of a resource file into one json file or export a seperate json for ech culture version. (Default: true)
    generateTypeScriptResourceManager - Generate a TypeScript respurceManager module that imports the json files for simple access to the resources in TypeScript. (Default: true)
    searchRecursive - Determines if input folders should be searched for *.resx files recursivly. (Default: false)

    Usage of the JSON-files

    If you are not using the generated TypeScript resourceManager you are free to import, ajax-load or otherwise use the json files.

    Usage of the TypeScript resourceManager

    Needs some documentation


    npm i resx-json-typescript-converter

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