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resourceful-elasticsearch Build Status

A pluggable engine for Flatiron's Resourceful ODM layer that exposes Elasticsearch via the node-elastical module.

Exposes new methods to Resourceful such as search() and terms() as well as implementing as many of the existing ones as possible.


You can use Lucene query syntax to fetch resources:"legs:4",function( err, creatures ){
        // creatures contains an array of matching records 

You can power autocomplete UI by looking up term frequencies:

    Creature.terms("description",function( err, term ){
        // creatures contains an array of matching records 


    npm install resourceful-elasticsearch


All tests are written with vows and should be run with npm:

  $ npm test


So far this is mainly used by the Couchelastic hybrid engine so just contains search and configuration methods, rather than acting as a full data store. I am working on making this a functioning stand-alone engine but that's not my focus right now.

Pull requests welcome, please include tests.

Author: Richard Marr

License: Apache 2.0