9 Packages by richmarr

  • armstrong-cms Lightweight CMS engine designed to sit on top of Elasticsearch
  • carweb API client for the vehicle registration lookup at
  • filechangeemitter A simple EventEmitter that listens for file system changes in a given set of files or directories. Attaches filesystem watchers then emits one event per change with the changed file as a param. Adapted from the Reload plugin in Learnboost's Cluster module
  • grunt-git-changedfil... Grunt plugin to generate a list of the files that have changed in your Git working tree.
  • hpi Super basic API client for HPI's automotive checks
  • node-solo Super simple module to make a server from a static file
  • resourceful-couchela... Hybrid Couchdb/Elasticsearch engine for Resourceful
  • resourceful-elastics... Elasticsearch engine module for Resourceful ODM
  • signatory Generates a signature for a specified set of request parameters. Useful for APIs that require verification of authenticity but don't want to require sessions or similar