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Residue Node.js Client

A very simple, secure Node.js library to interact with residue seamlessly.

This module provides interface for connecting and interacting with residue server seamlessly, means, once you are connected this module takes care of expired tokens and clients and keep itself updated with latest tokens and ping server when needed to stay alive.

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Native API

This library depends on following native modules, without them library will not work:



Connects application to residue using params. If options is not specified, you should use loadConfiguration to load the options

Valid options are:

    url: "<host_where_residue_server_is_listening>:<residue_connection_port>",
    access_codes: [
             ... logger_id and code
    application_id: <app_name [optional]>,
    rsa_key_size: <key_size_for_initial_final_key_transmission [optional]>,
    utc_time: <whether_to_use_UTC_time [optional]>,
    time_offset: <time_offset_in_seconds [optional]>,
    client_id: <client_id_that_server_knows_you_as [optional]>,
    client_private_key: <full_path_of_private_key> [must be provided with client_id],
    client_public_key: <full_path_of_public_key> [must be provided with client_id],
    client_key_secret: <secret (passphrase) for encrypted private key if any>,
    server_public_key: <full_path_of_server_public_key>

Please refer to loadConfiguration in our C++ library's documentation for more details.


Loads configurations / options via json file. Returns true if successfully loaded, otherwise false.

This does not verify the options. Options are validated in connect() function


Returns logger class for logging interface


You can check out sample client apps for practical use of this package.