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This package is the home of BuckleScript bindings for the JavaScript service worker API. It is actively in use but has not been exhaustively tested.

On the plus side, this is very much an actively maintained project. If you see something, say something, and I'll try to get a fix turned around within a day or two.

on the ReScript Rebrand

This package has been forked from bs-service-worker.


npm i rescript-service-worker


This is meant to be a tight binding around the JavaScript API, and is intended to feel idiomatic to JavaScript. Refer to this article which documents usage from registration to caching to fetch event handling.



on EventTargets

I'm hoping to crack the code for how to perfectly enforce types onto addEventListener... someday. I haven't done it yet. For now, stick to the function-valued properties. Those are typed pretty well.

on NavigationPreloadManager and NavigationPreloadState

My current thinking is to omit NavigationPreloadManager and NavigationPreloadState because they're too dependent on ByteString, and I don't want to expand the scope of my project. If you badly need these types or if you know of a ByteString implementation I could depend on, feel free to open an issue.

on ServiceWorkerGlobalScope

It's not fully implemented because it implements a ton of other interfaces. Fully implementing it is a nice-to-have. If there's something you need from this type that I haven't implemented, feel free to open an issue--it'll help me prioritize.

Also, currently the navigator property lives in 'ServiceWorkerGlobalScope', even though technically it's a part of WorkerGlobalScope.

on TODOs

I put in a TODO everyplace where there's a (non-deprecated) method or type I didn't implement, whether or not I had any intention of implementing it. If you go looking for something in here and find a TODO in its place, feel free to open an issue, submit a pull request, or just @ me on Twitter and we can talk about how to get you what you need.


This software is available under two licenses.

  • an adaptation of the Do No Harm license which I've called the No Violence license.
  • the MIT license.

Both are available in this directory.

For further reading

I strongly recommend you check out my catch-all documentation on my projects. It describes how to get in touch with me if you have any questions, how to contribute code, coordinated disclosure of security vulnerabilities, and more. It will be regularly updated with any information I deem relevant to my side projects.

Most of all, feel free to get in touch! I'm delighted to hear suggestions or field questions.

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