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angular modules suck when you already have require. lets remove them by putting everything into a module called 'app'


npm install remove-angular-modules-loader

in your webpack config's loaders section:

    test: /\/angular(.min)?\.js$/,
    loader: 'remove-angular-modules'

moduleName is optional, default module name is 'app'. It is recommended that you update your html with this module name.

Query params

  • moduleName name of the module that everything will go into
  • whiteList[] allow these modules to be created under their original module name
  • blackList[] ignore creation of these modules. no code registered to these modules will ever run
  • testing valid values: 'unit' or 'e2e'. ngMock contains both types of modules, so this will properly configure the blacklist property for you. Use this only when testing with ngMock or ngMockE2E


    test: /\/angular(.min)?\.js$/,
    loader: 'remove-angular-modules?moduleName=hourlynerd&whiteList[]=foo&whiteList[]=bar&blackList[]=skillbridge&testing=e2e'

How it works

It patches angular to put everything into a single module*. You no longer need to define module dependencies when creating modules, or names for that matter.

    • protractorBaseModule_ remains its own module because otherwise protractor tests don't work. (you can still blacklist it)

This is now valid:

angular.module().controller('MyController', ....)

but your old code will still work too.

Now you can focus on requiring angular things with webpack just like you require everything else.

Secret Sauce

The magic happens when we append the following script to the end of angular.js (ok, its a bit longer now...)

(function(a, moduleName) {
    //remove angular module system, everything is now in the `moduleName` module ;)
    var _module = a.bind(a, a.module);
    var m = _module(moduleName, []);
    a.module = function () { return m;};
    document.querySelectorAll('[ng-app]')[0].setAttribute('ng-app', moduleName);
})(window.angular, 'moduleNameFromConfig');

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