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    Text editing for the Web

    Remington is a text editing library. It translates keyboard input to text with a cross-browser, easy-to-use API, and it tracks cursor location. Remington plays nicely with view-layer libraries like React and Vue.

    Remington is not a full text editor. It handles input and stores the text in memory; it does not have any opinions on how the data should be rendered or persisted.


    Download remington.js or (minified) remington.min.js.

    Remington is also available on NPM:

    npm install remington

    Getting Started

    // You can attach a Remington instance to any element, as long as it is focusable.
    // To make (say) a <div> focusable, give it a tabindex, e.g. <div tabindex="1"></div>
    var myElement = document.getElementById('myElement');
    var writer = new Remington(myElement);
    // Now KeyboardEvents emitted by myElement will be caught and processed by Remington

    The Remington Instance

    Remington(element, initialText, inputCallback)

    The Remington constructor. This is the default export of the Remington package.

    var writer = new Remington(myElement);


    element {Element}: The DOM element to which to attach this Remington instance. This can be null or undefined; if it is, then no event listeners will be registered. In that case, the only way to modify the buffer is through the Remington instance methods.

    initialText {String}: Optional. This text will start in the Remington instance's buffer.

    inputCallback {Function}: Optional. The function is called whenever the Remington instance detects input. It is called once per character inputted.

    The input callback takes one argument, inputEvent. The inputEvent is the KeyboardEvent object representing the input. inputEvent also includes two additional properties: oldCursor and cursor. oldCursor is the cursor object before the input was processed; cursor is the cursor after the input was processed.


    A new Remington instance.



    Returns this Remington instance's buffer. The buffer is stored as an array of strings, where each string is a row of text.


    Returns a string representation of the instance's buffer. This is computationally expensive, so writer.getBuffer() is preferred unless a string representation is absolutely necessary.


    Sets this instance's buffer text to text. The text is broken into rows based on newlines.


    text {String}: The text to set the buffer to.


    Sends input, either a single character or a keycode, to the Remington instance.


    input {String|Number}: If a string, then this must be a single character to send to the Remington buffer. If a number, this must be a valid keycode that Remington knows how to handle.

    Return Value

    true if the Remington instance properly handled the input; false if otherwise.


    This returns the Object representing this instance's cursor.

    cursor = {
        row: Number,
        col: Number

    writer.setCursor(col, row)

    This sets the cursor position to (col, row).


    col: The cursor's new column position.

    row: The cursor's new row position.

    Example Usage

    This is a very hacky example of usage, shown only to introduce the library. For production use, a view-layer framework like React or Vue is recommended for rendering the buffer and cursor.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <script type="text/javascript" src="remington.js"></script> 
             #editorDiv {
                 width: 500px;
                 height: 750px;
                 border: 1px solid black;
                 white-space: pre;
             #cursor {
                 position: absolute;
                 border-left: 1px solid black;
                 background: transparent;
                 width: 1em;
             #sizeCalculator {
                 white-space: pre;
                 position: absolute;
                 opacity: 0;
            <span id="sizeCalculator"></span>
            <div id="editorDiv" tabindex="1"></div>
            <script type="text/javascript">
             var editorDiv = document.getElementById('editorDiv');
             var writer = new Remington(editorDiv, function(inputEvent) {
                 // Render the buffer
                 editorDiv.innerHTML = "";
                 for (in writer.getBuffer()) {
                     var row = writer.getBuffer()[i];
                     var rowDiv = document.createElement('div'); 
            = i;
                     var rowText = document.createTextNode(row);
                 // Render the cursor
                 var lineHeight = lineHeight || document.getElementById(0).offsetHeight;
                 var cursorDiv = document.createElement('div');
        = "cursor";
        = lineHeight - 2 + "px";
                 // Calculate the height offset
                 var sizeCalculator = document.getElementById("sizeCalculator");
                 var textToCursor = "";
                 for (var i = 0; i < writer.getCursor().row; i++) {
                     var rowText = document.getElementById(i).innerText;
                     textToCursor += rowText;
                 sizeCalculator.innerText = textToCursor;
        = sizeCalculator.offsetHeight + 9 + "px";
                 // Calculate the width offset
                 textToCursor = "";
                 for (var i = 0; i < writer.getCursor().col; i++) {
                     var char = document.getElementById(writer.getCursor().row).innerText[i];
                     textToCursor += char;
                 sizeCalculator.innerText = textToCursor;
                 var leftPos = sizeCalculator.offsetWidth + 9;
        = leftPos + "px";
             // Hacky blinking cursor
             var visible = true;
             setInterval(function() {
                 var cursorDiv = document.getElementById('cursor');
                 if (!cursorDiv) return;
                 if (visible) {
                     visible = false;
            = 0;
                 } else {
                     visible = true;
            = 100;
             }, 500);


    Remington is provided under the MIT license. See for details.


    npm i remington

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