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    Remark plugin for importing snippets of source files, as code blocks, based on markers found in the file.

    npm version


    yarn add -D remark-code-snippets


    See Using plugins in the official documentation.


    Adds file, start, and end options to code blocks in markdown.

    When file is specified, that files contents are inserted into the code block. The path is relative to the markdown file importing it.

    When start is specified, the file is searched for that keyword, and if found, only lines after the line containing the keyword are included.

    When end is specified, the file is searched for that keyword, and if found, only lines up to the line containing the keyword are included.

    If start or end are supplied, and either of those keywords are not found in the file, or more than one occurrence of them are found, then we intentionally fail the transformation.

    When a source file contains the following:

    console.log('This will not be included');
    // start_here
    console.log('This will be included');
    // end_here
    console.log('This will also not be included');

    ...then the following code block:

    ```js file=./say-hi.js start=start_here end=end_here

    ...will be transformed into:

    ```js file=./say-hi.js start=start_here end=end_here
    console.log('This will be included');


    • baseDir: By default, file paths will be interpreted relative to the file they are referenced from. Specify a path here to override that and then reference all files relative to a fixed point. Usually, it makes sense for the baseDir to point to some top-level src directory.
    • async: By default, this plugin uses readFileSync to read the contents of the files. Set this to true if you want to use readFile for non-blocking IO.
    • ignoreMissingFiles: By default, referencing a file that doesn't exist will throw an error. But in some cases, e.g. in development mode, you might want to be able to iterate quickly without failing here. Set this to true for this behaviour.


    After installing dependencies with yarn, the tests can be run with: yarn test


    npm i remark-code-snippets

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