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This module reloads all style sheets associated with a specified url. This is primarily useful for LiveReload servers that wish to update style sheets without triggering a full page refresh.

If you omit the url argument, all style sheets will be cache busted.


npm install reload-css --save



reloadCSS([url], [opt])

Cache-busts the URLs for all <link> tags that match the specified url, as well as any other style sheets that @import the URL.

By default, this will only look for local style sheets (i.e. localhost,, or matching the document domain). You can pass { local: false } as the options to cache bust all styles.

In some cases, it will walk upwards to a more top-level style sheet (i.e. in a long chain of import dependencies) to ensure a consistent result across browsers. Import statements are updated in the cssRules, and <link> tags are re-attached for a clean update (no flicker/flash).

You can omit url or pass null as the first argument to reload all styles instead of just a target one.


MIT, see for details.