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    App-wide session management in Redux.

    NPM version

    This library allows the straightforward management of global session state via Redux action creators and selectors. It also includes functionality for persisting session state in local storage out of the box.


    import { applyMiddleware, createStore, combineReducers, compose } from 'redux'
    import {
        reducer as sessionsReducer,
        enhancer as sessionsEnhancer,
        actions as sessionsActions,
        selectors as sessionsSelectors,
    } from 'redux-sessions'
    // First, include the sessions reducer keyed under 'sessions' in your root reducer
    const reducer = combineReducers({
        sessions: sessionsReducer
    // Then, include the sessions enhancer to enable persistence in local storage
      const enhancers = compose(
          ...any middleware...
    const store = createStore(reducer, {}, enhancers)
    // Now you can dispatch session actions
    const action = sessionsActions.setToken('A session token!')
    // And access session information from the state
    const state = store.getState()
    // => 'A session token!'


    Action creators

    redux-sessions exposes the following action creators, namespaced under actions:

    • actions.setToken(token, options): Set a session token in the state.
    • actions.clearToken(options): Clear a session token from the state.
    • actions.login(token, options): An alias for actions.setToken().
    • actions.logout(options): An alias for actions.clearToken().

    The options object passed to these action creators may contain the following attributes:

    • userType (default='user'): A string identifying which type of user the session token belongs to. This option is useful if you need to allow different types of users to log into different parts of your application concurrently.
    • persist: A flag indicating whether to persist the token across sessions- under the hood, this flag determines whether the token is saved in localStorage or sessionsStorage.


    The redux-sessions enhancer is what allows the session state to persist across page refreshes. It can receive the following options:

    • persist (default=true): A flag indicating whether or not to persist session state.


    redux-sessions exposes the following state selectors, namespaced under selectors:

    • selectors.token(state, options) -> string: Retrieves a session token from the state.
    • selectors.isAuthenticated(state, options) -> bool: Returns true when a session token exists.
    • selectors.isUnauthenticated(state, options) -> bool: Returns true when a session token does not exist.

    The options object passed to these selectors may contain the following attributes:

    • userType (default='user'): A string identifying which type of user to retrieve information for.


    redux-sessions exposes a reducer to handle the actions it creates. This reducer must be attached to your root reducer using the key sessions in order for the library to function (see example).

    Authentication example

    Here's a simple example of how redux-sessions can be used to conditionally display an authenticated portion of an app:

    import React from 'react'
    import { connect } from 'react-redux'
    import { actions as sessionsActions, selectors as sessionsSelectors } from 'redux-sessions'
    // This component is passed an external auth function that resolves with a session token.
    function View ({ isAuthenticated, externalAuthFunction, login }) {
        return (
                    isAuthenticated && 
                    <div> Only an admin can see this! </div>
                <button onClick={ () => externalAuthFunction().then(token => login(token, { userType: 'admin' })) }>
    function mapStateToProps (state) {
        return {
            isAuthenticated: sessionsSelectors.isAuthenticated(state, { userType: 'admin' })
    const mapDispatchToProps = {
      login: sessionsActions.login,
    export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(View)


    npm i redux-sessions

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